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What Is A Multi-Tool?

What Is A Multi-Tool?

If you are searching for a power tool that can pretty much handle any task and has an ever growing and extensive range of practical uses, the oscillating multi-functional tool, or just Multi-Tool for short, is exactly what you require. But what is a Multi-Tool? What can it be used for and finally, how does this powerful and versatile bit of equipment actually work?

Well dear reader, you’re in luck! In this brief article we will answer these questions and hopefully gain a better understanding on the functionality of these invaluable machines. You will wonder how you ever managed life without one!

What is a Multi-Tool?

A multifunction tool is an advanced oscillating power tool that can conduct a broad and extensive range of tasks thanks to its large variations in substitutable blades and accessories.

A multi-tool is truly invaluable, especially for jobs like smaller renovation, personalised alterations and installation work. The varying assortment of attachments for these types of tools continues to grow, allowing for even more personalisation and versatility, especially when used in conjunction with different materials such as aluminium, carpet, hard tile, soft tile, steel, hardwood, softwood, various plastics and much more.

How does it Work?

The Multi-Tool, powered by either mains or battery, works with a side-to-side movement (at about an angle of 3 degrees), rather than a circular motion, which is so fast (around 20,000 strokes per minute) that it feels more like a vibration. The real value of a multifunction tool comes from the fact that it has almost limitless applications that are always expanding which in turn gives you lots of leverage and flexibility to customise your work flow.

The capability to cut complex and specific depths without requiring the need to constantly eliminate the attachment from where it is placed greatly increases productivity.

The relevant accessory is placed into the tool by a function which allows that specific accessory to be quickly rotated back and forth. This creates resistance with the sanding attachments and allows accelerated cutting mobility with the saw and grinding attachments. The narrow bend of oscillation allows for vastly superior control over the tool as it does not have push back like a rotating tool.

What is it used for?

The Multi-Tool can be used for many things.

It can be used for numerous jobs, depending on the type of accessory you use. It can be used as a scraper, a saw, a sander, and grinder and is in essence an all in one power tool.

It not only does those jobs, it does them in inaccessible and hard to reach places and also helps in speeding up difficult jobs to completion in the process

With the correct and relevant attachment, you can slice through metals, drywall, wood (soft&hard) mortar, fibreglass and plastic with surprising ease. There are even attachments out there that are specifically used for polishing and grinding.

Now that you’re aware of the potential of the Multi-Tool, why not check out TopsTools very own range of attachments you can use in your craftmanship and DIY projects.

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